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Swimming pool covers

The most efficient way to reduce energy consumption and humidity indoors is to close the surface of the swimming pool. A floating swimming pool cover is an affordable and easy way to close the pool surface; it is not necessary to do assembly work in order to take into use a floating swimming pool cover.

We manufacture swimming pool covers for both indoor and outdoor use. The material developed for outdoor use generates heat from sunlight to the water under the pool cover
Available accessories are a float attached to the front edge of the pool cover and lapel to attach the pool cover to a winding device.

Our authorized floating swimming pool cover resellers:

Allasvesi Helsinki region
Atolli Helsinki region
AquaKem Western Finland
Espoon Allastekniikka Helsinki region
Pool4You Helsinki and Turku region and central Finland
JPN Service Helsinki region
Pro Patio Helsinki region
Tuusulan Allasapu Helsinki region
Varsinais-Suomen Allashuolto Western Finland
Vesi-Vesterinen Lahti region
Vesilaite Helsinki region