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Greenhouse covers

Greenhouse plastic for professional use under Nordic conditions is made from high quality 0.20 mm EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) plastic film. We import the EVA film ourselves. The products are tailored to the customer’s needs. The EVA 0.20 mm greenhouse film can be provided with welded rope along the short sides to facilitate installation on the greenhouse.

Our double-layered (0.20 mm + 0.10 mm) EVA greenhouse cover is designed for heated greenhouses. An insulating air space between the layers is formed by means of cords running between the plastic films.

The EVA plastic film have productive properties for greenhouse cultivation: collects heat from sunlight underneath and has an anti-fog treatment on the inside.

Our product range also includes rolls of protective tarpaulin. A few centimeter wide strips of this white, UV-protected 380 g/m² protective tarpaulin are used to protect the greenhouse plastic at the arches of the greenhouse. Wider canvases of the same tarpaulin can be used on the ventilation hatches of the greenhouse.